The Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (Pemra) revoked the satellite television license of BOL News and BOL Entertainment as it failed to get security clearance from Interior Ministry.

According to a press release by PEMRA, the step was taken after Interior Ministry denied security clearance to four directors including hoaib Shaikh, Ayesha Shoaib Shaikh, Viqas Atiq and Sarwat Bashir, of Messrs Labbaik Private Limited which owns BOL TV.

The decision by the Authority was taken after a meeting headed by PEMRA chairman Absar Alam, in light of recommendations by Council of Complaints (CoC) Sindh.

The regulatory authority has ordered PakSat, which holds satellite communication rights, to stop transmission of BOL TV and BOL Entertainment. The order has also been sent to all cable operators across country as now the channel does not hold a license from PEMRA.

BOL network has remained in controversy before especially with reference to its parent company Axact when it had got embroiled in fake degrees scandal.