LAHORE - PML-Q senior leader Chaudhary Parvez Elahi has said that Indian water aggression can be answered by constructing Kalabagh Dam.

Addressing a press conference at his residence on Tuesday, he said the prime minister’s silence over Indian aggression at LoC, Kashmir, water and Kalbhushan cases was a prove of Sharif-Modi friendship. He said Nawaz Sharif was giving priority to his personal friendship with Indian rulers over national cause.

The PML-Q leader said people were protesting for electricity and water while younger brother of Nawaz Shairif had been raising slogans to end loadshedding in six months for four years. He appealed to all political parties for saving future generations and be united for construction of Kalabagh Dam, which was guarantee for ending country’s economic problems.  Sindh will get four million, Punjab 2.2 million, KP two million and Balochistan 1.5 million cusec extra water after the construction of KBD, he said, adding the electricity price will be not more than Rs3 per unit after the materialisation of mega project.

Nowshera will not sink into floods after the building of KBD and there would be no harm to any other provinces, he said.

He said that Bhasha dam will take 12 years and Dasu dam will take another three years but Kalabagh can be constructed in just six years at a cost of $9 billion whereas in Pakistan floods caused losses of more than $40 billion during last five years. The losses from floods would end after KBD construction, he said.

He said Nawaz Sharif and Shehbaz Sharif had deprived Punjab from its due share in electricity, gas and water just for their own power and showered mega share of these resources on other provinces.