I would like to draw the attention of the general public and concerned authorities towards religious exploitation in Pakistan. In our daily life, we can see many boxes all around bearing the text, “Chanda Baraye Masjid” either it is a shopping mall, restaurant, road or any flyover. For me, the most grieving thing was a new method of collecting “Chanda” in historical Badshahi Mosque. This strange practice is being carried out in The Golden Quran Gallery, inside Badshahi Mosque, where a person after sharing information about The Golden Quran Gallery forces everyone to pay “Chanda” and instead of asking them to put the amount in the boxes, he directs visitors to hand it over to him. Thousands of visitors pay “Chanda” on daily basis. But, for our money to go in right hands, is it the box that we should prefer or the person standing over there? All other “chanda boxes” on public places neither carry the identity of persons carrying them nor the exact location of the mosque for which funds are being raised. Everyone can fix a box at public place and can start a new source of income. There must be a system of approval for these “Chanda Boxes”. I request concerned authority to look into this matter and all those who are using religion for their personal benefits must be dealt with an iron hand. 


Lahore, April 28.