BAHAWALPUR - The Jamaat-e-Islami has blamed that the PML-N government’s wrong policies of the ruling party have pushed the general public into quagmire of problems.

Addressing a workers convention held here to express solidarity with labours, Jamaat-e-Islami District Ameer Syed Zeeshan Akhtar alleged that the government’s anti-public policies have created many problems for the public and have given rise of prices of daily-use items, which has virtually forced the poor segment of the society to be starved.

He said that incidents of suicides have increased manifold in Punjab due to poverty and unemployment. He pointed out that the ruling party leaders have busy making tall claims regarding prosperity but in fact people are forced to kill their children and end their lives in sheer despair and frustration.

“The PML-N government fail to fulfil its promise regarding end to energy crisis as duration of electricity loadshedding has reached to 14-16 hours in rural and 10-12 hours in urban areas,” he claimed.

On the occasion, Zeeshan Akhtar said the government is ignoring major public issues in its efforts to save its dynastic politics, leaving the masses in the lurch neither to live nor die. “In the last four years, the PML-N government has failed to provide relief to the public.