LAHORE - The Lahore Museum has organised an exhibition on Sikh art and culture including the artifacts depicting religious and cultural aspects of the Sikh rule in Punjab.

The exhibition titled “A world of its own: an exhibition of Sikh artifacts in Lahore Museum” was inaugurated by Director Lahore of Museum Humayun Mazhar on Tuesday.

The exhibition includes a rich collection of paintings, weapons, coins, woodwork and other artifacts from Sikh period which highlight the glory of Sikh rule (1799-1849) spanning over half a century in the history of Punjab.

Lahore Museum Director Humayun Mazhar said that the exhibition not only gave a message of love and peace to Sikh community but also raised awareness about the Sikh culture and belongings of important Sikh personalities among general public.

The exhibition was attended by people from all walks of life including archaeologists, historians, scholars, universities and colleges students in museum related disciplines, socialites. The exhibition will continue till November this year.

Ramesh Singh Arora, MPA and Chairperson Human Rights and Minorities Affairs committee of Punjab Assembly told The Nation that these kinds of exhibition portray real history of Punjab as Maharaja Ranjeet Singh son of soil who ruled Punjab from Peshawar to Lahore for 39 years. “Preserving history of Punjab is an ample move by the Lahore Museum as it narrates the history to youth and to masses.

“Sikh religion founder Baba Guru Nanak Dev Ji also born and died in Punjab. The cultural and religious importance of Sikh culture in Punjab is tremendous and Sikh community feels proud of being Pakistani that has served in prosperity of almost all sections of country,” Ramesh Singh said.

The attendees lauded the efforts of the Museum administration for highlighting the Sikh culture of past and its proper preservation/conservation.

Najam, a visitor and student of private university said that he did not know much about the history of the Sikhs in Punjab. “The diversity which I witnessed today is marvelous and fascinating as well. Land of five rivers had gone through a period in history when a ruler from this Punjab Mahajara Ranjeet Singh ruled the cities an, villages and towns of Punjab. These artifacts show the lifestyle of then Punjab rulers,” he said.

A number of female university students also attended the exhibition and termed the exhibition part of their educational as well as cultural learning of the history of Punjab.  

Separately, another exhibition titled ‘Colours on the Move’ opened at Alhamra Art Gallery. In the exhibition artists Mussarat Kalancvi, Arman Ali, Nemat Nigar and Kiran M Ali Khan exhibited their artworks. Lahore Arts Council executive director said that all of these artists gained training from the Alhamra Art Council and successfully displayed their work.