SARGODHA - The Sargodha Medical College organised a national conference entitled SMC-Cardiocon wherein researchers from all over the country participated and read research papers on various topics.

Dr Hafiz Abdul Manan Shahid from Institute of Cardiology, Electrophysiology Department, PU, carried out the workshop. The vice chancellor talked briefly on the educational programmes of University of Sargodha. He emphasised such medical conferences and its need at national and international levels. Dr Nadeem Hayat Malik, chief executive of PIC, talked on device management of aortic stenosis. Dr Ashraf Dar talked on device management in heart failure. The speakers invested their energies in order to motivate the audiences and to acknowledge the advancement in medical research.

Dr Ayub, Chairman Nuclear Cardiology Punjab Institute of Cardiology Lahore, talked about non-invasive cardiovascular imaging. Dr Abdul Wajid Khan, Assistant Prof Cardiology, PIC, presented his views on Rheumatic Heart disease and its prevention. The conference paid attention towards the precautionary measures for various kinds of patients and research in medical field. Such invaluable contributions prove to be fruitful for the academic and medical development.

The conference also included a question-answer session in which audience was provided with a chance to discuss their views.