LAYYAH -  Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif hit out at his political opponents yesterday, alleging that they had done nothing for the people and their agenda was confined to “subversion” and false accusations.

Compared to them, he said he personally regarded politics as worship and had never cast aspersion on his rivals.

The prime minister said this while addressing a well-attended public meeting where elected legislators of the area were also present. He announced a number of development schemes for the district, including the health card scheme for the poor.

The tone of the prime minister was like he was addressing an election rally, his second in less than a week. He had addressed a similar gathering in Okara district on Saturday.

Looking confident Nawaz Sharif preferred not to say a word about the Supreme Court’s verdict on the Panama Papers case or the Dawnleaks, the two issues that are subjects of public discussions everywhere.

People are anxiously waiting for the prime minister’s future course of action, especially in the Panama Papers case which directly affects the prime minister and his sons, as they are required to appear before a joint investigation team comprising nominees from a number of institutions. Investigations to find answers to about a dozen questions suggested by the apex court are to be completed in 60 days.

The findings on the Dawnleaks have created tensions between the civil government and the army, which many say don’t augur well for the system.

In his speech, the prime minister did not name any of his rivals, although his references to the builders of “new Pakistan” left no doubt that he was targeting Imran Khan, whose PTI is in power in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

“Have our opponents said anything constructive over the past four years? Their agenda is subversion, lying and leveling false allegations.”

He said the rivals came up with new allegations every day, but they would not succeed in their campaign.

The prime minister said his rivals were not in control of their tongues.

He was happy at the turnout at the gathering, saying even ten meetings of the opponents would not be able to outnumber it.

The PPP is also focusing on south Punjab and, compared to other regions of the province, has a better following there.

The prime minister said the candidates from other parties would forfeit their sureties in the election. He likened his supporters to tigers and who faced “jackals”. He said even a 100 jackals cannot defeat a tiger.

He said he would visit Layyah once again before the next elections.