islamabad-Watermelon sale has increased in twin cities of Islamabad and Rawalpindi during the summer season and becomes a favourite of fruit.  A customer Farhan Ahmed said, “My family prefer to have watermelons so I frequently buy this refreshing fruit for them whenever I pass by nearest market.”

A shopkeeper Inaam Ullah at Aabpara market said “Customers demand for a `red’ fleshed, sweet watermelons.

He said, “I sell watermelon of 20-25 per kg and received a number of customers during the whole day.

According to the Health expert Dr Rehana Kausar high-lycopene food the watermelon has moved up to the front of the line, Lycopene is especially important for our cardiovascular health, lycopene is important for bone health as well.

Concentrations of nutrients are found in all parts of watermelon the exact distribution of these was dependent on the variety of watermelon but there was no area in any of the watermelon varieties that came out lacking she added. She said watermelon is fully ripe, as it moves from white-pink to pink to red, the beta-carotene content of a watermelon steadily increases and antioxidants also increase consistently during ripening to fully red flesh. The bottom line eating a fully ripe watermelon can really pay off in terms of nutrient benefits.