LAHORE-Comedian Yasir Hussain apologized to his fans yesterday on social media rant over his cracked jokes on child molestation on eve of 5th Hum Awards in Lahore held on Saturday night.

Many actors and artistes had condemned his act and the issue had become viral on social media with people mostly condemning it. Through a video message on his Instagram account Yasir apologized for hurting the feeling of fans and people on the whole on the sensitive issue of child abuse.  It all happened when the comedian came on stage wearing Pashtun dress and passed comments on celebrities in a Pashtun accent which made people laugh to their heart’s content but his slip of tongue cracked joke to Ahsan Khan shocked the audience.

He passed the joke when Ahsan khan was awarded the best actor in negative role for drama serial Udaari. He said to Ahsan during the show “Itna khoobsurat child molester, kaash mein bhi bacha hota” (what a beautiful child molester, if only I was also a child). Pakistan entertainment industry had to face criticism from across the border as the sub-standard comedy clip of Hum Awards was also lifted by Indian newspapers and websites. All the praise that went for Udari on the Hum Awards night was forgotten in the criticism created by Yasir Hussain.  In a short video clip on his verified Instagram account, the actor apologized for his crass joke and explained he also stood against child abuse and apologized to actor Ahsan Khan, who won a Best Actor Negative Role award for drama serial Udaari focusing on the issue of child abuse and molestation.

Yasir then uploaded a picture saying on the 5th Hum Awards festival, the comment that I made was unintentional. I didn’t mean to hurt anyone. I regret saying it, as it was not a part of the script, and was more of a slip of tongue that happened in the spur of the moment. It was no way meant to undermine the delicate issue.