Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) Co-chairman Asif Ali Zardari said on Wednesday he will not allow Nawaz Sharif win majority in Senate.

Addressing a rally to welcome PML-N’s former Sindh president Ismail Rahu into the PPP, Zardari said that he would next go to Balochistan and “mend broken hearts”.

Zardari said he receives love wherever he goes in Pakistan, adding that people were deprived of basic facilities like food, clothes and accommodation.

"Mian Sahab never thinks about rural population. He spends everything on his relatives," he said. "He has to leave, whether he leaves after two months or three."

Zardari insisted that the PML-N leadership was responsible for the ongoing political mess in the country, adding that his party would continue to demand the premier's resignation until he stepped down or was removed from power.

The PPP leader warned Nawaz Sharif that he would not let him win majority in the Senate.