LAHORE - Punjab Chief Minister Shehbaz Sharif shed light on freedom of expression.

On the eve of World Press Freedom Day, the CM said: “Freedom of expression, positive and purposeful journalism are a strong basis of any civilized society.“Journalism is an important source of establishing public opinion and promoting national awareness.”

He said: “Free press plays an important role for the supremacy of constitution and strengthening of democracy. It is also the basic human right and a strong tool to measure all the liberties.”

He maintained that responsible journalism can prove to be the helping hand for curbing menace of corruption, lawlessness and terrorism from the country.

The Chief Minister said that muzzling freedom of expression tantamount to locking the free and independent human approach. He said the purpose of celebrating World Press Freedom Day is to highlight the importance and significance of freedom of press as well as the responsibilities attached with it. He said that present state of freedom of press has not been rewarded by anyone but it is the result of long struggle of journalists. All possible measures are being taken by the government for ensuring the freedom of media as well as keeping the journalist community safe from any kind of pressure.  He said that provision of protective and safe environment to the journalists for discharging their professional duties is one of the top priorities of the government because the PML-N considers freedom of expression as an important part of democracy.

“PML-N has a complete trust on the utility and need of freedom of expression. It is the responsibility of the media to guide the people in right direction by keeping itself impartial. Today we have to reiterate that all-out measures will be taken for safeguarding the freedom of expression so that journalists could discharge their professional duties in the best of manner,” he concluded.