There is one of my blood relatives who is a differently abled person. About two months ago, he went to Nadra office Dadu for getting special person CNIC on the basis of his disability certificate. Despite having original disability certificate, he was denied his basic right of special CNIC. He was forced to go here and there. The poor soul was tortured mentally by being made to visit different offices without any solid reason. Furthermore, he requested Nadra officials that he needed a special person card on urgent basis as there was a job interview in March 2018. The in charge turned deaf ear to his request and did not respond to him positively. An educated disabled was left with no other option than to complain to Nadra Chairman. Unfortunately, yet Nadra chairman did not respond to him positively. 

It is beyond understanding that why Nadra officials are mistreating a disabled person mentally and physically? Why are they hurling a common citizen like a football from here to there? Why was he forced to perform unnecessary formalities? Through this leading newspaper, it is requested to Nadra chairman to direct Nadra office Dadu to avoid unnecessary demands and facilitate the masses. 


Dadu, April 2.