LAHORE - Pakistan Stock Exchange continued its post-budget bearish trajectory on Wednesday, as investors raised eyebrows on neglected proposals of budget like GIDC reduction/removal, CGT reduction, and tax on dividend income. Resultantly, investors’ remained sidelined and adapted “wait and see” approach.

The benchmark 100-share index lost 292 points in Wednesday’s session, closing at 45,197 points. This led to sharp decline of 47 percent in traded volumes during yesterday’s trading session. Similarly, trading value also fell by 40 percent. Among sectors, commercial banks remained top laggard and eroded 90 points from index followed by tobbaco 28 points and OMCs 28 points. Top 5 scrips including HBL (-1.9 percent), UBL (-2 percent), PAKT (-4.7 percent), OGDC (-1 percent) & LUCK (-0.7 percent) contributed 165 points to the index decline whereas stocks including BAHL (+1.5 percent), COLG (+5 percent), EFERT (+1 percent), MARI (+0.8 percent) & CHCC (+1.7 percent) added 48 points to the index gain.