ISLAMABAD  -   The lawmakers from treasury and opposition in yesterday’s National Assembly proceedings once again locked horns over the prime minister’s statement for allegedly conceding that the country soil had been used in the past by terrorists.

The opposition side argued for disqualification of a member (Prime Minister) of parliament with imposition of article 6 on his statement, whereas, the government defended the statement of the premier was taken out of context.

PML-N senior lawmaker Ayaz Sadiq, on a point of order, asked the chair to make contents of the prime minister’s statement during his visit to Iran and interview given to ‘The New York Times’ as record of the Parliament.

Former speaker National Assembly in PML-N era also placed before the Speaker Asad Qaiser parts of the statement and interview of the prime minister for making it record of the National Assembly Secretariat.

“I am presenting this request in your court,” said Ayaz Sadiq, requesting the chair to read Article 63-1 (g) about the disqualification of a member Parliament with Article-6 of the Constitution.

About negotiations between government and opposition on ‘accountability law,’ Sadiq told the house that no negotiations were taking place to reform the accountability. “As of now, no negotiation has taken place for the last four months,” he said mentioning that the incumbent government had promised to send a draft of amendments in accountability law but they were still waiting. He sarcastically passed a comment that the government might take serious steps after putting their 25 MNAs in jails.

The two ministers from government side - Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi and Law Minister Farogh Naseem - rushed to remark that the prime minister’s statement was taken out of context.

Minister for law said the opposition legislator should not quote half the sentence of the message. “There is need to read complete statement instead of choosing a part of it...The statement of prime minister is taken out of context,” he remarked.

Qureshi, adding his share to respond to the opposition side, said that Pakistan has engaged with Iran to curb the cross border movement of militant elements.

“We (Pakistan and Iran) share 905 kilometres long border with Iran.... The border remains peaceful and environment of trust is boosted between two sides but some forces do not want achievement of the same objectivism,” he said mentioning that the leadership of both countries have decided to move ahead while removing misunderstandings.

 “There are elements which are trying to hurt the relationship by creating misunderstandings through their acts,” he said mentioning that these nefarious designs will be foiled through collective efforts.

“We have decided to establish a joint border centre as well as fence the border to curb the movement of militant elements,” he said. About Punjab local government act, he said the Foreign Minister said this was provincial subject and it should be taken up at proper forum.

About reforms in NAB, the minister said PTI’s government was ready to sit with the opposition for bringing reforms in the NAB. He, however, recalled that the PML-N failed to bring reforms in the NAB in its five-year tenure.