ISLAMABAD - Federal Commission constituted for revision of master plan of Islamabad led a consultative dialogue at Pak-China Friendship Centre here on Thursday.

The consultative dialogue was participated by members of the Federal Commission and representatives of different relevant departments including Rawalpindi Development Authority, Islamabad Electric Supply Company (IESCO), Islamabad Police, NADRA, Pakistan Housing Authority, Pakistan Air Force, Pak EPA, serving and retired officers of CDA planning wing, panel of experts, renowned architects and town planners.

The dialogue was organized to take views of all stakeholders to formulate guidelines for revision of the Islamabad master plan.

The dialogue began with presentation on revision of the master plan. The participants were briefed on scope of work of the federal commission. The participants were invited to discuss the scope of work of the commission so that it could be further improved. A questionnaire prepared for online suggestions was also floated in the session. This questioner will be placed online for seeking inputs from the general public.

Convener of the Federal Commission and Chairman CDA Amer Ali Ahmed while briefing the participants said that purpose of this dialogue is to make revised master plan more sustainable and improved which will lead to self finance mechanism. He said that green character was a paramount central line theme of the city, therefore, while revising the master plan, protection, preservation and further enhancement of the green character would be ensured, he assured. He said that the existing zoning regulations would be enhanced to address the issues in a profound way. He said that the master plan would be revised to cope with the future requirements including water, sewerage, sanitation and self generation. He further said that dynamics of Islamabad had changed as it was now a growing and expanding city, therefore; its needs could not be covered under the existing master plan. He said that we are here with open minds to explore how to improve the existing master plan for this purpose we have to think beyond confines.

Participants of the dialogue gave suggestions on provision of different amenities, services and areas while revising Islamabad master plan.