May 3rd, 1979 was a lucky day for the conservatives across the United Kingdom. Margaret Thatcher became the first female prime minister of the country, serving her majesty the Queen.

Thatcher was the leader of the conservative party back in the day. Thatcher was not only the first female to hold that position in the UK, In fact, all across Europe She was the face of female empowerment. Also known as the Iron Lady she went through some massive reforms which were unprecedented in Britain`s history.

The year, 1979 was the beginning of the era for the conservatives as that year was the first election win in the first four consecutive wins to come. Thatcher`s election was significant across the world. It was important for the western world to recognize the female struggle particularly the United States that has never had a female president as of today.

Thought Thatcher was quite unpopular towards the end of her political career, there were several reasons behind that rationale. She was a woman, to begin with governing a male dominate bureaucracy, her economic plans including privatization were totally new to Britain and she was rigid as her title claims as an Iron Lady. Apart from her time in office, her legislative career was a prime reason for such hatred where she voted in favor of quite unpopular legislations.