ISLAMABAD-The Capital Development Authority (CDA) has failed to follow orders of the Islamabad High Court (IHC) in which the authority was directed to conclude an ongoing inquiry into illegal upgradations of its 1068 employees within three months.

The court had issued said orders in a case filed by CDA officers against a First Investigation Report lodged by Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) against those officers who remained involved in whole process of illegal upgradations.

There were a total of 1068 employees of CDA including 86 officers, who were upgraded in violations of rules and regulations during 2007 to 2013. The successive managements formed committees but not to conclude the matter but to further drag it.

Meanwhile, the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) had also stepped in and launched an inquiry into instant case and resultantly lodged aforementioned FIR.

Though, Islamabad High Court had declared that there is no criminality involved in the process of upgradation and quashed this FIR but at the same time the court ordered to complete inquiry into this case within three months and submit its report.

“CDA authorities are directed to conclude the inquiry of illegal upgradation/re-designation of CDA officers and officials within a period of 03 months from the date of receipt of copy of judgment under intimation to this court,” the court order reads that was issued on 4th February 2020.

According to orders, CDA is bound to submit the inquiry report on Tuesday, 5th May, 2020 in the court however reliable sources informed that not only the inquiry is still pending but in the meantime some influential officers are also trying to derail the proceedings of said inquiry.

They alleged that the inquiry related to the 86 officers have already been concluded and now only the cases of non-gazetted employees needs to be scrutinised but some aggrieved officers wished to constitute a new committee.

However, when contacted, Member Administration RanaShakeelAsghar informed that the inquiry related to the officers has already been done and we have to scrutinise rest of the cases only.

He said the inquiry would be completed soon and its findings would be submitted before the court.

The said inquiry was initially conducted by a committee headed by the Member Planning and Design CDA Dr. Shahid Mehmood, who have scrutinised the cases of 86 gazetted employees and submitted its findings in which the committee recommended to de-notify dozens of officers who got illegal upgradations in violation of rules and regulations.

But, Mr. Mehmood after submitting his findings rescued himself from the committee for probing rest of the cases of non-gazetted employees. The Chairman CDA Amir Ali Ahmed reconstituted the committee headed by Director General Works Ayaz Khan with a mandate to complete the remaining work.

However, according to well-placed sources, he is showing reluctance to complete the inquiry and using one after another excuseto delay the conclusion of inquiry.

FIA has also challenged quashment of FIR by high court in Supreme Court of Pakistan.