T-he whole world is being bugged by a disease: a deadly virus eruption which occurred in China known as the coronavirus spread awfully around the globe. At first, it was only China, the mainland of the virus, which topped the list of death rates because of this sickness.

Now the virus has crossed almost all borders including Pakistan, which has a number of cases on the rise. We have seen many deaths but many recoveries as well. Who is to blame and who is to appreciate? Food Authorities such as Punjab Food Authority took some serious steps by following strict SOP’s and providing the right food information to the masses.

WHO is working with providing the right information to people around the world bit still I have my doubts about this disease going sooner or later. The symptoms of the infections include respiratory symptoms, fever, sore throat, cough and shortness of breath, if it is severe then it can lead to pneumonia as well; furthermore, its symptoms and signs are severe acute respiratory syndrome and kidney failure. More worryingly, it is pivotal to mention that this virus vaccine is not available yet.

The virus came in the country and is beyond our understanding. The government of Pakistan and its people should not lose hope and continue their work from home as they are doing so because still it can be controlled if we take the initial step to halt the virus from our neighbours and to lock all airports. It is our luck that we have a young generation in our country and should be strong in their faith but the downfall is that it can be caused to the old generation including our family members through us if we go out and get infected; be strong and healthy and most importantly, be careful.