LAHORE            -           Punjab Governor Chaudhry Mohammad Sarwar launched a campaign on Saturday to provide ration to the poor Christian families, whose breadwinners lost jobs in the wake of coronavirus pandemic crisis.

Launching the ration distribution campaign at the central Church in Shahdara on Saturday, the Governor said that some 500,000 families would be provided ration in collaboration with the Punjab Development Network.  He said the PTI govt was truly following the vision of Quaid-e-Azam, by ensuring protection of life and property of minorities.

Terming Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi as butcher of Gujarat, the Governor said Modi was constantly targeting minorities and provide himself as the biggest extremist and anti-humanity person in the world.

The Governor said the Christian community was also facing tough economic situation as most businesses were closed in the wake of spread of coronavirus.  For this reason alone, he said, he had himself came to Shahdara to provide ration to the Christians as well as fulfill their other needs.

“We will continue standing besides the Christian community until the coronavirus pandemic subsides,” he said.  The Governor said the Punjab Development Network, Sarwar Foundation, Sheikh Ijaz Trust, Akhuwat and other social welfare organizations were working day in and day out to provide ration to the poor families in these testing times.

He said some 200,000 poor families in Lahore alone had been provided ration.  The Governor said ration distribution in other cities was also in progress.

He said those participating in the distribution of ration were actually serving the humanity.  He added that the PTI government was ensuring provision of all basic rights to the minorities in the country and added that even the US acknowledged that minorities in Pakistan were safe and strong.

Since minorities were being subjected to torture in India, he demanded that the United Nations (UN) and other world bodies should play their role to save the lives and properties of minorities in India.

He said the world bodies should ensure that extremism being committed against the minorities should be stopped forthwith.  “No country can become strong and prosper without strengthening its minorities communities,” Chaudhry Sarwar said.

Meanwhile, the Governor inspected ration distribution process at Rescue-1122 Shahdara Head Office.