ISLAMABAD        -         In the wake of price decrease of diesel and petrol, the Provincial Transport Authority Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

has also reviewed transport

fares in the province but the newly formed districts have been ignored due to the absence of a proper system in the region.A local Jirga on the issue was convened in the Tank city of KP who after a consensus asked the KP government to take action on the matter and include the tribal

districts in the newly schedule of fares.They lamented that the transporters

were taking fares of their own choice as the government did not include the tribal districts in the new schedules of the fare list.While addressing the Jirga, a senior member of Jirga said that the government has decreased the prices of petrol and diesel but given

no relief for the people of tribal

districts as they were yet to be included in the provincial setup of transport system.They demanded of Chief Minister KP Mehmood Khan to take the issue

seriously and announce a