ISLAMABAD-Oprah Winfrey appeared via webcam to kick off Call To Unite, a 24-hour livestream benefitting COVID-19 relief. During her over 20-minute stint, Winfrey, 66, reflected ‘on what this moment means to us as a family and a community,’ alongside the event’s organizer Timothy Shriver. Julia Roberts lent her presence to the occasion, along with a plethora of other famous faces and medical heroes. Oprah invited the likes of author T. D. Jakes and spiritual leader Eckhart Tolle for her segment of the stream to discuss the trials and tribulations people are set to endure in wake of the unprecedented pandemic.

‘In this moment we have an opportunity to take a step forward as a collective consciousness,’ said Winfrey.

Winfrey also urged viewers to refrain from consuming too much media relating to COVID-19 as it is easy ‘to be consumed by the agitation, by the hysteria, by the confusion, and the constant angst.’

She has, instead, opted to ‘focus on acts of courage’ that have come out of the pandemic.