Innumerable blessings everywhere are circling our lives, for which we are really thankful to our Creator. Good health, a house to live in, family, earnings and good food are some of the biggest blessing that life gives us. it holds even more importance in Ramazan this year: the quintessence of uncountable blessings which arrives again in the lives of Muslims but this time with a different shade.

This year Ramazan’s ritualistic winsome atmosphere has to be restricted inside the walls of our home. Ramazan, our most beloved and blissful month holds special significance for Muslims. Muslims keep fast, seek forgiveness from Allah and offer namaz, for men, in the mosque. Yet this practice of going to the mosque will not be easy for Muslims this year. For the sake of our and our families’ lives, we must act cautiously and save ourselves from the coronavirus.

Where Ramazan is a month of blessings and prayers, it also allures our pallets, with delicious food. Yet this Ramazan, we must reconsider our dietary patterns. We have to rely on food that enhances our immunity in whatever sources we have. Prefer healthy food i.e. fresh vegetables and fruits, keep yourself hydrated, drink water, avoid sugar-concentrated juices and soft drinks, and above all, lessen the consumption of fried food.

Even in this crucial time, Director-General of Punjab Food Authority Irfan Nawaz Memon and his team are trying to ensure the provision of safe food to people. Their media wing is spreading quite useful information to the general public regarding dietary habits they should adopt these days, in the month of Ramazan. Steps and initiatives are considerations that are the government’s responsibility but we, as a nation and as responsible citizens need to understand that it is not enough to just stay at home. We should pay heed to what experts are saying and include their tips in our daily lifestyles. Let’s live this Ramazan differently; eat healthily, drink healthy, avoid overeating and stay home.