ISLAMABAD - A book “Coronavirus- Threat to National Security” authored by former interior minister, and Chairman Senate Standing Committee on Interior Senator Rehman Malik was launched on Saturday by former Prime Minister Raja Pervez Ashraf.

Due to the prevailing situation of coronavirus, when social distancing and isolation are being observed to control this deadly pandemic, the book was launched in a simple but highly impressive ceremony through a video link. Many renowned journalists attended the ceremony.

Senator Rehman Malik, the author, in his opening remarks said that the novel COVID-19 had brought miseries and confusions as the whole world had been shocked with the disease. He said that in the beginning, the world took it lightly and treated it like a normal virus and the experts and the concerned international authorities had not warned of its multiplying growth potential.

Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) lawmaker reminded that soon after the confirmation of first two cases in Pakistan, he had called an emergency meeting of Senate Standing Committee on Interior on February 27 and had suggested a comprehensive national action plan on coronavirus containing 37 actions and measures to be taken on war footing to block the potential spread of coronavirus in Pakistan. “I wish if the government had implemented those 37 point in letter and spirit.”

Senator Malik said that he had suggested strict measures at airports and all entry points and had directed that no passenger should enter Pakistan without proper screening for COVID-19 and should not be allowed to leave for home but instead be quarantined for specific time.

He said that he had suggested well in time to close all the educational institutions, establish quarantine and isolation centres in each city and provide doctors, paramedics and all officials at airports with personal protection equipment (PPE). he said that he had also suggested to immediately announce a task force and enhance the testing capacity.

Senator A. Rehman Malik said that things had gone better since the National Command and Operations Centre (NCOC) was established and had taken over the control to combat coronavirus. He said that all operations were being managed with visible improvement. He urged the nation to follow all the measures to contain further spread of coronavirus.

Senator Malik informed the audience that the weight of a virus was measured at 0.85 actograms, or about one millionth of a trillion grams and 70 billion viruses would make a person sick. Since the total number of cases worldwide was now over two million, the total weight of the rogue viruses which were present in the world comes to about 1 gram, he added. He said that this virus and the creator of virus had brought the entire world on its knees with a total of 1 gram of virus. “I have been posing this question why with all advance medical technology, we have so far failed to find its antidote and some back ground interviews indicate that the same virus did attack in 1994 -95.”

Former Prime Minister and PPP leader Raja Pervez Ashraf who was the chief guest cut the red ribbon and formally launched the book. While addressing the ceremony, he highly appreciated Senator A. Rehman Malik for writing a comprehensive book in a very short time. The senator always surprised us by his outstanding performance, he added.

 He said that he was pleased to know that Senator A. Rehman Malik was the first who felt the potential outbreak of coronavirus in Pakistan and suggested the government 37- important measures.

He said that the book was a complete guideline for the government of Pakistan and National Health Services (NHS) across the world as to how to combat coronavirus and any such epidemic in future.

Former PM said that being the investigator, Senator A. Rehman Malik couldn’t ignore the multiple conspiracy theories about origin of COVID-19 so he had written letters to UN Secretary General to investigate either the virus was a natural one or was modified by human effort. He said that he was highly impressed by the TORs Senator Malik had suggested to the UN Secretary General for proposed UN Commission on COVID-19. He said that if any commission in the future was constituted on coronavirus, the credit of it should go to Senator Malik.  Raja Pervez Ashraf said that politicians should refrain from political blame game on the issue of coronavirus and should combat this pandemic while standing united as it was a matter of lives of millions of the families.

In the preface of the book, Senator A. Rehman Malik wrote that the world was witnessing now the row between China and USA which had become a major debate in the international media. The electronic and print media were buzzing about the geo-location of the origin of COVID-19, the detection of zero patient and why the behavior, intensity, and fertility rate of COVID-19 was varying from country to country, he added.

The book “Coronavirus- Threat to National Security” is divided into two parts; Part-A comprises of twenty-four chapters in which the author evaluated the virus threat to the national health and proposed a 37 points Anti-Corona National Action plan.

The Part-B comprises the efforts of Senator A Rehman Malik as Chairman Senate Standing Committee on Interior and as an individual Pakistani in his fight against coronavirus. 

The foreword of the book is written by Speaker National Assembly Asad Qaiser who had highly appreciated the work undertaken by the author. A special message for the book was written by former Deputy Speaker National Assembly Faisal Karim Kundi. He said this book was another feather in the cap of Senator Rehman Malik. At the end of the ceremony, Senator Rehman Malik, besides thanking the participants, announced to dedicate the sale proceeds from the book  to the Shuhdas Foundation.