KARACHI - Federal Minister for Water Resources Faisal Vawda on Saturday urged all PTI MPAs and MNAs from Karachi to join hands in the ongoing relief work at the megapolis, significantly affected due to COVID-19 linked halt to economic activities.

Addressing a press conference and sharing in detail the ration distribution work undertaken by him in Baldia Town and other low income localities inhabited mainly by daily wage earners, he said taking care of people and families affected due to the current crisis was an equal responsibility of all those elected by the masses. “This is and should be beyond any party distinction,” said the minister.

“Unfortunately leaders and ministers of the party in power in the province have proven themselves to be the masters of their self interest,” said the federal minister.

Responding to some recent statements of the provincial ministers about Ehsaas Cash Relief Program, he said they perhaps did not know that cash support of Rs 12000 for each registered deserving family was being disbursed across the Sindh including the cities of Larkana and Sukkur.

“They are feeling jittery and insecure due to performance of the PTI government led by Prime Minister Imran Khan and are fast realizing that masses can well understand the factual situation,” said Vawda.

He on the occasion also reminded that during the distribution of ration bags and relief goods by him and his other party colleagues, equal attention towards compliance of SOPs and that dignity of recipients were also not compromised in any manner.

Taking strong exception to series of press briefings and meeting conducted, on regular basis, by PPP leaders of varied statures, he questioned as on what basis they were asking for funds for relief support and rehabilitation of people, income generating units as well as strengthening of healthcare facilities in face of the global pandemic.

“Want to know what they even in normal conditions made of Larkana and Nawabshah as well as other parts of the province in terms of basic civic facilities that they will be able to achieve in current trying times,” he said.

With regard to allegations made by provincial government representatives about lack of support and funding to streamline protection of doctors, nurses and paramedics through ready availability of Personal Protection Equipments and other relevant material, Vawda inquired what they might have made of the assistance already extended to them by the federal government.

“They through their false and baseless statements are exposing themselves as people have not forgotten that only sometime back there were either nil or very little stock of vaccines available to help victims of dog bite leaving many of the victims dead,” said the minister.