ISI was doing a fantastic job during the Afghan Jihad against Soviets but now it has become a red rag for the sole superpower of the world. Americans obviously wish to expand the theater of war from Afghanistan into our Tribal Areas as they wish to blame other countries for their failures there. The US has successfully turned this battle the way it wanted and the Pakistan Army is under pressure to play the way they want. The institution that stands in their way is ISI, which has done wonders for our country and outclassed even RAW, Mossad and FBI in the game here. The US media, thus, is hell bent upon tarnishing the image of ISI through media warfare. Present statements by the likes of Richard Boucher that 'ISI needs to be changed' are blatant interference in our internal matters that exposes their heinous designs. Similarly India also constantly blames the ISI on behest of US for the various terrorist actions that take place in that country. Unfortunately, our institutions are not very strong. That is why this sort of international blackmailing takes place against us. There is a need that our government should discuss all the issues related to the American campaign against ISI in the parliament and give appropriate response on them. We must fight for our national interests. -BILAL SHAHID, Rawalpindi, via e-mail, October 22.