ISLAMABAD (NNI)- Transporters in the twin cities of Islamabad and Rawalpindi have not reduced fares despite decrease in oil prices. Passengers were hoping that fare would be lowered but transporters on all routes are receiving the same fares, which were fixed by the Transport Federation before the decreased was announced. Public transport in the twin cities is still receiving Rs12-14 per stop and there is no check from the concerned authorities. People said that they were paying old fares, which is totally unfair and the relief is not passing to the people. "Transporters raise the fares immediately when fuel prices are increased but they do not show the same response in case of lowered fuel prices," they added. They said that transporters had no fresh fare lists as the fuel rate had lowered. Passengers claimed that the concerned authorities in Rawalpindi and Islamabad had increased fares more than increase in oil prices. They demanded of the government to reduce the fares and issue new fares lists immediately. "Conductors are also abuse and drop us from vans when we complaint about the high charge", passengers said. They demanded of the concerned officials to get them rid of day to day quarrels over transport charges with conductors. Transporters also claimed that they have not received new lists from owners and they will receive old fares.  PPI adds: The commuters of the twin cities, Islamabad and Rawalpindi, have demanded of the government to reduce the fares as prices of diesel and petrol have been decreased. Talking to this agency here on Sunday, they said that when the prices of petroleum are increased, the same day transporters increase their fares at short as well as long routes. Tariq Qayum who daily travels from Rawalpindi to Islamabad and pays Rs 20 said that it was difficult for him to meet both ends, as he has to pay Rs 40 every day while earns only Rs 3,700 per month. He said during last eight months, fares were increased upto to intolerable level. According to him, first he had to pay Rs 14 some eight months ago but now it was Rs 20. Ali Hussain who also travels from 6th Road Rawalpindi to Melody market told that he was to pay Rs 16, which badly affecting his routine budget. He told he has to reach office after changing two vehicles and Rs 70 was his daily fare charges. On the one hand, price hike has made the lives of people miserable as prices of every thing, including roti and tea have been doubled while on the other hand fares were also uncontrollable, he said. They said while the government has announced new petroleum prices, they were hoped that transporters would lessen fares. The same views were expressed by a number of commuters who were standing at Sadiqabad, Rehmanabad, 6th road, CDA stop, G-6. All were of the view that it was the responsibility of the government to issue directives regarding decreasing fares and should also implement her orders.