Since the formation of PPP government, the people in Karachi are hearing much hue and cry about the Talibanisation. For the MQM the real threat to peace in Karachi is the increasing Talibanisation, but for the opponents of the MQM, it is just a vicious propaganda. The common people in Karachi, however, are totally indifferent to the Talibanisation, but they seemed worried about the growing craze of weaponisation in Karachi and display of lethal weapons by the security personnel of the VIPs and elite class in the city. Before the formation of PPP, only illegal weapons of different types were being dumped into the city by some ethnic factions/political parties in Karachi. However, after coming into power the PPP government in Sindh appears very much generous in granting licenses mostly to its voters and supporters. For the past few months this process is at its peak as the Home Department is making 'hectic' efforts to meet the rising demand of licenses of all kinds of non-prohibited weapons. Apart from the PPP's voters and supporters, the other people (who know the art and mechanism to obtain licenses), are also getting licenses with 'little effort'. Interestingly, a much hue and cry is being raised about Talibanisation here, but nobody seems serious in tackling the menace of weaponisation in this mega city of Pakistan. It would not be wrong to say here that the financial capital of the country had been turned into the capital of fatal weapons. It is no more a secret now that all the ethnic factions/groups and political parties have an uncalculable number of weapons. The killing spree of the activists and members of some ethnic parties in Karachi (that had been geared up with the arrival of the PPP government) is an open testimony of the weaponisation in the city. Hardly any week passes when we don't hear about the gruesome killings of the activists of the ethnic parties here. It is disheartening to note that during the past few months more than 400 people have fallen prey to the ethnic killings here. A few days ago the Secretary General of PPP Nafees Siddiqui raised the issue of weaponisation in Karachi. He proposed that a strategy should be worked out by involving the political and ethnic parties in the city to cleanse Karachi of lethal weapons. His approach is commendable, but how the political and ethnic parties would take this idea seriously at a time when the PPP government in Sindh was going extra mile to issue plenty of weapons-licenses. The display of deadly weapons by the security personnel of the VIPs also worries the saner elements in the city and in the country as well. Worth noting is that a couple of months ago the provincial government vowed to eliminate the culture of the hassle-free use of tainted screens/glasses in the cars. Initially, the administration concerned remained active to show its seriousness to discourage the culture of tainted screens/windows in vehicles. But after a couple of weeks drive, the provincial government and the police officials have totally forgot the issue and left it unfinished. Resultantly, the Karachi'ites daily can see hundreds of luxury cars with tainted screens and glasses, cruising the city roads, making mockery of the good governance. How the PPP government could think of cleansing Karachi from the fatal weapons, when it was itself making hasty efforts to provide licenses to thousands of the 'needy people'? How the foreign investors would feel comfortable in Karachi and enter into new ventures here when they either hear or read daily stories about Talibanisation and Weaponisation? The de-weaponisation of Karachi and ongoing killings spree of the activists and workers of ethnic/political parties appear a Herculean task for the PPP government.