Deposed chief justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry has said that November 3, 2007 is an important day in the country's history.  Addressing the lawyers' convention here, deposed chief justice said that lawyers and civil society had launched a movement for supremacy of law and constitution on March 9, 2007, adding Almighty gave success to the movement. Justice Chaudhry termed the November 3, 2007 action as a martial law in the country. He noted there was a difference in November 3 and previous martial laws. No Assembly has endorsed the martial law enforced on November 3, he added. "I am confident that present assembly will not endorse this martial law," said deposed chief justice, adding government, opposition, lawyers, politicians and other section of the society have now realized that supremacy of law and constitution is must for the country. He further said that it was very unfortunate that democratic government could rule the country for 24 years only. Judiciary was also responsible for backing the dictatorship in the country, he said.  He revealed that former premier Shaukat Aziz had conveyed to him about former president Pervez Musharraf's anger on verdict given in Steel Mills case. The deposed chief justice said that he had replied that verdicts would be given according to the law and constitution only. He said that media highlighted the verdict of Pakistan Steel Mills in a positive manner due to which the credibility of Supreme Court was restored.