The latest quip by Mr. Richard Boucher that US would not put money on the table for Pakistan shows there is a problem of credibility with Pakistan. Due to this, the foreign donors, IMF and other international donor agencies are not prepared to lend to Pakistan. This is due a large part to the not-so-good reputation of President Zardari. His sobriquet of 'Mr. Ten Percent' is, obviously, hung like a millstone around the neck of Pakistan. There is also a problem of credibility lower down the order where superannuated and discredited cronies like Mr. Salman Farooqi are acting as guardians of the Planning Commission. Ditto with the appointment of Security Czar Mr. Rehman Malik whose looks betray his character. President Zardari should try to shed his poor image by keeping a long distance with these shady characters. Only a clean administration would be able to woo the foreign investors to Pakistan. The present murky image of the country needs to change. -DR M. YAQOOB BHATTI, Lahore, via e-mail, October 22.