ISLAMABAD - Painting exhibition under the title "Unveil Murree: Past and Present" would be organised during this month. In response to the media report published in TheNation about the aforementioned painting to be organised by PNCA, on Saturday last, the organiser of the aforementioned contest, Mussrat Naheed, contacted TheNation Sunday to clarify PNCA's position. She said that owing to some problems with the PNCA's telephone exchange, several callers faced difficulties to contact her. "I agree a bit of inconvenience has been caused because of some problems with our internal communication system, which we have fixed. We regret for the unusual delay," she remarked and affirmed that PNCA has taken concrete steps to avoid any such happening in future. While giving her version about the delay in the organising of painting contest, Mussarrat Naheed asserted that the particular exhibition is of significant importance due to the participation of some dignified names along with very lucrative prize money, to be given to the first three winners. We kept the inauguration date pending to encourage the maximum participation of all the talented artists to apply for the exhibition. Besides, some world-renowned Pakistani artists would attend the event, the organiser of the aforementioned contest, Mussrat Naheed she mentioned. Mussarrat further said, "We wanted to make sure that each and every talent of Pakistani art applied for the contest and no one had been left. It took a bit longer than usual but that's exactly not our way to approach the things, I assure you it won't happen again," she vowed. The organiser informed that almost all the prominent educational institutions including some leading arts colleges and universities have been invited for the contest. The list of invitees comprise National College Rawalpindi, Fatima Jinnah Women University, Margalla College for Girls, Islamabad Model College for Girls F-7/2, F-7/4 and other well-reputed institutions. While strongly rejecting the suspicions of some quarters that PNCA has already sold the paintings, Mussarrat asserted that PNCA is determined to promote arts and literature while calling such allegations as trivial and baseless.  "Have a look at the prize money that we are offering to the winners, it clearly shows we are the most transparent arts body which is determined to promote art in each and every nook and corner of Pakistan," she claimed. She revealed that first prize winner would be given hundred thousand rupees, while second and third position holders would be awarded cash rewards of Rs 75,000 and Rs 50,000 respectively. Among the prominent artists that are to attend the occasion include, Hanif Ramay, Ali Iman, Anna Molka Ahmed, Zarar Haider Babri and other renowned art personalities from across Pakistan. These artists have earned international repute and brought fame to Pakistan, I'm sure their presence would not only grace the occasion but also encourage the young artists, Mussarrat hoped.