KARACHI - The retail prices of sugar and packed milk further jumped up in the City at a time when the government had provided relief to people in electricity tariff and also reduced the domestic oil prices. The retail prices of tetra pack milk reached up to Rs 54/litre while sugar's retail price increased up to Rs 40 per kg, The Nation learnt on Sunday. A few days ago the retail price of tetra pack milk was Rs 52/litre, sugar was available at Rs 37/kg, chakki atta at Rs 35-36 and the price of edible oil was Rs 140 per litre. However, the prices of these essential items had been raised that had been a fresh shock for the consumers. However, during last week the consumers have observed more than 20 rupees per kg/litre relief in the retail prices of ghee and cooking oil, while the retail price of 'chakki atta' remain pegged to the highest rate of Rs 38/kg. It is to be noted here that the prices of different essential consumer items have surged despite the fact that the international oil prices moved downward. It is pertinent to mention here that the international oil prices have always been blamed for any kind of price surge in the basic utilities. Now, after the fact that the international oil prices has moved down to around 60 dollars benchmark, the prices of essential consumer items still affect the purchasing power of the common man. The good news for the general public is that the cost of oil is being reduced only within few days. The hike in price of pulses is also being reported during these few days. It is to be noted here that the inflation has now exceeded in the country. This has largely affected the common citizen. Despite all the tall claims made by the government to eradicate poverty from the country, it is growing day by day. The living standard of general public has largely suffered due to this inflation. The inflation has forced many industries to shutdown and this has also increased the already prevalent unemployment. The public still waits for any kind of relief on behalf of this democratic government. But it is ironical that in spite of providing any relief to the public the measures have been taken to make their lives more miserable. Last month government has decided to increase the electricity tariff all over the country. The decision faced strong protests from the general public and the government has compelled to make a committee to review the decision of 30 per cent tariff raise. It is to be noted here that this increment was also associated to the increased oil prices in international market. Now, it is to be witnessed that how much relief this decline in oil prices will bring to the general public? On the other hand, only slight changes have been made by the government in the oil products. As for the fact, the international oil prices have been decreased sufficiently.