ISLAMABAD - PML-Q President Chaudhry Shujaat Hussain here on Sunday dismissed Sumaira Malik from party women wing's presidency for violating party discipline and issued a notification in that regard. Earlier, Sumaira Malik was served show cause notice. Officer-bearers and workers of PML-Q had blamed Sumaira Malik that she had failed to reactivate party and given statements against the interest of the party. PML-Q sources told that disciplinary action was likely to be initiated against other dissidents and all necessary measures had been taken for that. The sources further revealed that Begum Attiya Inayatullah was likely to be nominated as new president of the women wing. Meanwhile, Sumaira Malik has termed her removal from the slot as malafide and against democratic norms. In her rejoinder to the notifications issued by PML House vis-a-vis her removal, Sumera said the manner adopted for her removal reflected the autocratic and conspiratorial mindset prevailing in the party. "There has been a growing dissention within the party ranks over the issue of presidential elections. The views of a large number of party's parliamentarians were blatantly ignored by the party leadership who vehemently demanded that the party must not field its candidate for the sake of strengthening democracy in the country," she said. "I have repeatedly made it clear that the PML is a political party and its affairs must be managed in accordance with the democratic norms. Personal whims of individuals must not be made the basis of decisions in the party matters including the appointments of office bearers," she added. Sumaira said that she has always acted in a politically responsible, consistent manner and represents a family with a sound political background. "My forefathers have offered services to the nation that are a part of the political history of Pakistan," she concluded.