LAHORE - Family of a 26-year-old orphan, who died in the Services Hospital due to negligence of the doctors while administering him blood, has demanded of the government to punish the accused doctors under law of the land. The family of the deceased said that no preferential treatment should be given to the accused doctors and they should be punished like anybody else under the law, denying even the reports of withdrawing the original complaint lodged after forgiving the doctors and reaching an agreement of reconciliation. "No body should be considered above law", the deceased's mother said and vowed to peruse the criminal case registered in Shadman Police Station against the doctors under the section of 302 of PPC. The said section was later replaced by 319 of the PPC over the protest of the doctors. The family members of the victim also announced to hold a series of protest demonstrations if criminal case registered against them was withdrawn without permission of the complainant. Highly critical about the role played by some officer-bearers of the Pakistan Medical Association (PMA) Lahore, the family said that they (PMA office-bearers) are using the 'strike calls' as a ploy to bail out the accused doctors and pressurise the government. The victim's relatives termed it a serious violation of human rights. "The investigation of the case should be left to the law enforcement agencies and the concerned courts to establish the truth", the family said. Taking to The Nation, Akram Awan, maternal uncle of the deceased youth Ibrar Ahmad, said that some elements in the medical community and management of the Services Hospital were politicising the issue which has human overtones just to protect their colleagues declared guilty in the inquiries conducted by the government. About inhuman attitude of the medics, he disclosed that the doctors also tortured his nephew in the operation theater some minutes before surgery when he (patient) informed the surgeons that he was feeling severe pain due to a very low quantity of anesthesia being administered to him for operation. He was not made unconscious for operation as the anesthesia that was administered was only meant to made the lower part of his body numb. He said he was eyewitness to the incident when the doctors were administering the unhealthy blood in the orthopedic department of the hospital which caused his instant death. Giving details about the treatment process, he said his nephew was taken to the Services Hospital's emergency department late night on August 27 soon after he sustained minor leg injury. Ibrar spent the whole night in the emergency department and he informed his mother early morning on August 28. The next day doctors suggested operation, which was carried out on August 29, 2008. During the operation, he said the doctors smelling some sort of emergency asked the family to arrange blood. It appeared that the doctors had mistakenly cut a main vessel of the leg, which caused massive bleeding. The blood was immediately arranged and the doctors operated the patient and shifted him to the ward of the orthopedic department. Akram further told that he asked the doctor about deteriorating condition of his nephew soon after the operation and requested him to examine him. The on-duty doctor informed him that massive bleeding during the operation was the reason behind deteriorating condition of the youth and asked him to arrange another blood bag from any private pharmacy. "I rushed to a private blood bank situated in front of the hospital and purchased a blood bag. The doctor asked me to get the blood examined from another private laboratory. The laboratory assistant of the lab told me to go back to the doctor and inform him that the blood had bad smell." "When I informed the on-duty doctor about reservations of the laboratory assistant, the doctor snatched blood bag from my hand saying that such complaints are not new for him", the deceased's uncle said. Akram Awan said the doctor administered blood to his nephew while talking to somebody on his cell phone. In order to speed up the transfusion of blood, he started squeezing the bag as he was in hurry. Meanwhile he kept on talking. The medical experts during the course of inquiry termed it another main reason of his nephew's sudden death. He said the said doctor administered the whole blood to the patient within some minutes and left the ward. Akram said soon after blood transfusion, some reddish spots started appearing on different parts of the patient's body. "I informed the on-duty staff nurse but she paid no heed to my words and on repeated requests called a doctor of another department who referred the patient to the emergency department instead of sending him to ICU department for better care", he informed. He said the staff nurse asked him to take the patient to the emergency department and nobody from the ward was sent with him which was another serious negligence of the doctors. Akram further said that shifting of the patient to emergency took a lot of time, as he was not aware about the location of the emergency department. "As soon as we reached there the doctors pronounced him dead", he said with tears in his eyes. "Ibrar's mother could not sleep properly since the death of her beloved son. She is not ready even to accept the death of her son and is still hopeful that Ibrar will come late night as a routine", Akram said.