Hillary Clinton made a three days whirlwind tour of Pakistan. It has been remarkable in many ways. She did not hesitate from visiting historical places like Badshahi mosque, Data Darbar and even Barri Imam. She addressed a cross section of the people that included politicians, students and TV and press representatives. She faced even awkward questions with confidence and aplomb. It is a matter of shame for our leaders who hardly dare to venture out of their fortresses and palaces. The lady proved to be braver than our top leadership. On Kery-Lugar Bill she was blunt in telling us take it or leave it, like we do to some of the beggars. What has astonished me is her assertion that Osama Bin Laden is in Pakistan and we are protecting him. That is what she implied when she repeatedly said "I cannot believe with so many military and civil intelligence agencies, nobody in Pakistan knows where Laden is". I wish to ask the lady does she believe we are protecting Laden while sacrificing thousands of our military and civil lives fighting his followers? -BRIGADIER SALEEM ZIA (Rtd) Lahore, November 1.