THE Punjab Police seems to be all but indulging in an orgy of self-congratulation on the action taken against 1569 policemen, of the rank of DSP and below, by the IG Police on charges of corruption and inefficiency, in line with the CM's instructions, in the last 10 months. However, there has been no action taken against senior officers who also do not serve the public. A case in point is the CCPO Lahore, who has converted his office into some sort of bureaucrats' paradise, by installing high walls, armoured personnel carriers, and sandbags before the sentries, all in the name of the bomb blasts that occurred in June that leveled the '15' office there. Now the Lahore police chief has started digging up the road in front of the office, preparatory to changing that road, not being satisfied by the barriers which have already been placed there. This has been done on one of the City's main thoroughfares, not some backwater, and also despite the remarks by the Lahore High Court that if the police officers were afraid, they should not come to office. However, the IGP's subordinates come to office, not by overcoming their fear, but by indulging it, and by turning their offices into armed fortresses. The LHC's remark had come in the course of a hearing that led to the re-opening of several roads that the police had shut down for fear of terrorists. However, as the case of the CCPO proves, the IGP can be persuaded to turn a blind eye to the most egregious abuse of authority in the name of the War on Terror. What is perhaps more painful is that the extra measures are all being taken at the expense of the poor taxpayer, not the police officer affected. Also, the main purpose of the IGP's drive against policemen, the elimination of the thana culture, will not be fulfilled if he allows senior policemen to misuse the dangers posed by the War on Terror to indulge a taste for bureaucratic self-aggrandisement and to cause as much inconvenience to the public as possible.