I have been wondering for a long time what our leadership is doing to bring light to the life of the common man. The plight of the poor common man is not even being discussed. In our free media, our top politicians/parliamentarians daily put an appearance in various talk shows and freely accuse each other of this that and the other but in the concluding session, the result is always zero. Our morning papers are full of tall claims from the government side about their achievements alongside the scandals and stories of corruption and incompetence. Have we become so hard-hearted as to read and hear about the misery of our common man in papers and on TV but do nothing except chattering for idle hours about it in drawing rooms? We are not all that bad; our response in calamities like floods and earthquakes bears witness to how good we can be once we unite on something. We just lack true and sincere leadership. My humble request to our top leaders, be they from Punjab, Sindh, NWFP or Balochistan, is to unite us for good. Lead, follow or get out of the way. -M. ASAD ANSARI, Islamabad, November 1.