LAHORE - The 31st All Pakistan Allama Muhammad Iqbal Bilingual Declamation Contest Wednesday kicked off at the Government College University Lahore with the fiery speeches of best orators form all over the country. Teams from as many as 50 educational institutions including UET, Atchison College, FAST, LUMS, FCC University, Punjab University, Bahauddin Zikria University Multan, King Edward Medical University, LCWU, LGS and PAF Academy Risalpur are contesting for the coveted trophy and prestigious Benazir Bhutto Shaheed Medal during the two-day event spread over eight rounds. The serious topics that remained closely contested by the teams on Wednesday were: Build dams or be dammed, Let OIC be buried It has been dead since long, The Wests hatred for the Islamic icons betrays their bigotry and Pakistans economic crisis is a political orchestration In the humorous category, the participants enthralled the audience with their wit and humour particularly on the topics: Flatter or perish, The liars rule the roost, Politicians keep all the promises they intend to keep and I dont make jokes. I just watch the government and report the facts. In the Urdu category, the youth also presented their views in a manner that was reflective of our national dilemma and came up with imaginative remedies. GCU Debating Society President Ali Zafar said that students also come from small districts including D.I Khan, Jhanag, Bhawalpur and Jehlum to rub shoulders with the intellectual elite of the Pakistani youth.