LAHORE The legal fraternity all over the country will observe Black Day on November 3 (today) to condemn the PCO and State of Emergency clamped by former military dictator Pervez Musharraf on the same date in 2007, removing over 60 judges of the Superior Judiciary, including the incumbent Chief Justice of Pakistan Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhary, from the office and detaining them and their families at their respective residences. The call to observe the Black Day has been given by the Supreme Court Bar Association and accepted by the lawyers all over the country. On that day, the community will hold General House meetings at the bar level and raise black flags at the Bar office besides wearing black arm bands to 'denounce the acts that subverted the fundamental rights of the people and enforced the rule of guns. The SCBA has given the call to observe the whole day strike. At the level of Lahore High Court Bar Association, General House will meet at 10:30am after which the courts boycott will be held. On November 3, 2007, Pervez Musharraf had declared PCO to make the superior court judges take fresh oath after he had suspended the Constitution through the Proclamation of Emergency. The act of Musharraf came in the middle of Supreme Court hearing of the issue of his candidature for the second stint as President while holding the office of Army Chief. In terms of Article 45 of the Constitution his candidature for the presidential election was under threat and he felt the Supreme Court headed by Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry, who had come back to the office through a 14-member Bench verdict on July 20, 12007 after he was removed by Pervez Musaharraf on March 9, 2007, going by the Constitution. Musharraf took a very drastic step to lynch a major part of judiciary through the PCO and detaining the judges. He elevated Justice Abdul Hameed Dogar as CJ, SC and a PCO-infected 14-member bench allowed General Pervez to contest election in uniform and also validated the PCO and the state of emergency. Under the constitution no room existed to send the judges packing through a PCO whose enforcement otherwise lacked justification according to objective analysis. And the restored judiciary through a judgement on July 31, 2009 struck down the PCO and the state of emergency. Following the November 3 acts of Musharraf, lawyers all over the country stood up in strong protest against the government. They were not only imprisoned in massive scale but many of them lost their lives during their struggle for the restoration of deposed judges. Then the leaders like Aitzaz Ahsan, Munir A Malik, and Ali Ahmad Kurd were detained while the lawyers subjected to mass scale arrest and put to far flung jails on November 5 when they took out a procession against Musharrafs act on The Mall. Musharraf administration brought into service every means to curb the lawyers movement but failed and it gradually and steadily continued to attract worldwide attraction. Daily courts boycott and country wide rallies on every Thursday, defying the section 144 and rigidity of the weather and the police torturing, lawyers wrote a new chapter in the history of movement ever launched by the legal fraternity anywhere in the world.