ISLAMABAD - The inflation has continued its upward trend as Consumer Price Index (CPI) based inflation has enhanced by 11 per cent during the month of October 2011 against the same period of last year mainly due to increase in prices of food commodities. Secretary Statistics Division Asif Bajwa, while addressing a press conference, said that CPI based inflation has increased by 11 per cent during the month of October against the same period last year. Similarly, he said, Sensitive Price Indicator (SPI) based inflation has enhanced by 6.5 per cent and Wholesale Price Index (WPI) based inflation has surged by 15.4 per cent during October 2011 against October 2010. Meanwhile, the CPI based inflation went up by 1.4 per cent in October as compare to the month of September, Asif Bajwa said and added that it has increased by 11.3 per cent during the first four months (July-October) of the ongoing financial year 2011-12 against the same period last year 2010-211. The break-up of CPI-based general inflation (10.96 per cent in October 2011 over October 2010) showed that food and non-alcoholic beverages prices went up by 11.75 per cent, alcoholic beverages and tobacco prices increased by 6.83 per cent, clothing and footwear prices soared by 15.21 per cent, housing water, electricity and gas fuels 7.47 per cent, healthcare charges 12.47 per cent, transportation charges 13.95 per cent, communication charges 1.11 per cent, recreation and culture 4.56 per cent, education charges 11.94 per cent and restaurants and hotel charges by 15.49pc and miscellaneous by 19.56 per cent in October 2011 against October 2010. According to the figures, the prices of main kitchen commodities increased in October 2011 as compared to September 2011. These included tomatoes 75 per cent, onions 25.84 per cent, fresh vegetables 6.59 per cent, gur 3.41 per cent, fish 3.29 per cent, fresh fruits 2.93 per cent, beans 2.42 per cent, gram whole 2.26 per cent, wheat product 1.94 per cent and bakery and confectionary 1.33 per cent. Meanwhile, in non-food items, household servant charges increased by 7.86 per cent, newspapers (including magazines) prices went up by 5.59 per cent, hosiery 3.82 per cent, woollen cloth 3.78 per cent, firewood whole 3.34 per cent, cleaning and laundry 3.16 per cent, personal care 3.11 per cent, washing soap and detergent 2.53 per cent, motor fuel 2.43 per cent and doctor clinic fee increased by 2.35 per cent during October against September.