OUR STAFF REPORTER RAHIM YAR KHAN - While the Civil Defence Department remains inactive, sale and purchase of illegal fuel continues unabated across the district in sheer violation of the Petroleum Act. Officials of the Civil Defence Department are yet to initiate a meaningful drive to purge the area of this illegal business. To satisfy the administration, the department did take an action but that was against small petrol agencies. It has not tightened the noose around big dealers so far. A number of illegal filling stations selling impure petrol and diesel are working unlawfully in Bahadurpur area. The fuel sold by them has parked a large number of vehicles in repair shops. Sources say the Civil Defence Department is not taking an action against these those dealers who are working without any legal permission. The District Petroleum Association has demanded the FIA to take an action against these illegal dealers. As per sources, the largest illegal petroleum market in the country is working at Bahadurpur intersection. From this market, impure petroleum products are supplied to other parts of the country. The sources say that the fuel which is of no use of oil refineries comes to this market. Reportedly, illegal Iranian petroleum products are also available for sale and purchase in this market. An official of the District Civil Defence, Shabbir Ahmed Qazi, says the department has been working for implementation of the Petroleum Act in the district. He says 46 illegal petrol agencies have been taken to task in the city so far. Qazi says that they need help of other departments for action against illegal stores of petroleum and diesel products. He adds that due to shortage of funds, the department is unable to send samples of illegal petroleum products for a test.