I am grateful to Mr Rafi Nasim for his very kind remarks in his excellent letter on Kalabagh dam. He has said that the distribution of water and power can be amicably settled after the dam is functional. May I refer Mr Nasim to my previous letter on the subject. The Water Apportionment Accord of 1991 was specifically entered into to develop consensus on Kalabagh dam. River water distribution was taken away from Wapda and entrusted to the new federal body IRSA which now has a higher representation from Sindh. Provinces can only raise ten-day indents of their requirements to IRSA and have no direct control over thesupply to their canals. No province can take the water of another province. Theft does take place but on the canals within each province. Sindhs share was increased in all future dams by decreasing Punjabs share. Equal share for both despitethevast difference between population and area under cultivation was also considered. A monitoring team of engineers fromtheSindh irrigation department was posted at major head works ofPunjab. They communicate daily with their head office and have not reported any misappropriation to date.The left bank canal at Kalabagh dam will also come under their jurisdiction. Theright bank canal at Kalabagh dam will ensure supply ofwaterfromtheIndus to KP without which KP will never get any waterfrom any dam ontheIndus. Neither will north Punjab without the left bank canal. It will be seen that any fear of Punjab usurping Sindhs share from Kalabagh dam is totally unfounded and based on ignorance of the ground reality. KHURSHID ANWER, Lahore, November 2.