LAHORE - The ongoing anti-Zardari campaign of the PML-N may result in an in-house change at the federal level, partys senior vice-president Sartaj Aziz said on Wednesday. Talking to TheNation he said the pressure being mounted by the PML-N could force some ruling coalition partners to part ways with the PPP, a development that would change the political scene. The PPP has about 125 MNAs, or 46 less than the simple majority required to keep the government afloat. The PML-Q, the MQM, the ANP, the PML-F are among the parties that are supporting the PPP-led setup. Mr Sartaj Aziz, who remained finance and foreign minister during the two terms of Mian Nawaz Sharif, said in case the coalition partners quit, the PPP would lose majority and the situation could lead to an in-house change. Asked how such a situation could force President Zardari to step down, the PML-N leader said once the government changed, many other things would change automatically. He made it clear that his party would support a change only through constitutional and democratic means. He said the PML-N had consistently been taunted by opponents that it was playing the role of a 'friendly opposition. But, he argued, the current campaign would establish that the PML-N was the real opposition. He said the PML-N was highlighting peoples problems from all available forums. Asked about the possibility of PML-Ns cooperation with the Pakistan Tehrik-i-Insaaf, Mr Sartaj Aziz said it seemed difficult before the elections, but could not be ruled out thereafter. Elaborating on it, he said before elections Mr Imran Khan would call for a very high political price which no party would be in a position to pay. He is flying very high at present, he said of the PTI chief. In his opinion local adjustments, not an alliance, with the PTI could be possible before the polls. He said in case the PML-N did not get sufficient seats to form its government, it could think of joining hands with the PTI. But, he said, it all depended on the post-election situation. He said if the PTI won 20 NA seats in the next elections it would be regarded as a bigger party among the smaller ones. About the role the PTI would play in the next elections, he said it would be that of a 'spoiler for the Right of the Centre parties like the PML-N. He said the PPP would also lose votes because of the PTI factor. Replying to a question, the PML-N leader said the youth would cast their votes in large numbers because of Imran Khan, which would be a positive development. He said the PML-N had started contacting the rural youth through SMS and was getting a positive response from them. At present, he said, more people felt despondent because of countless problems they were facing. Thus, he said, if some one gave them a ray of hope, it would be a positive contribution.