WASHINGTON (INP) - At a time when the US is supporting a reconciliation effort in Afghanistan, Pakistan needs to focus on the Taliban on its side of the border by both signalling its support to the talks and squeezing down the militants, the US State Department has said. Spokesperson Victoria Nuland said the strategy of 'fight, talk, build is aimed at supporting the Afghans in their offensive on the safe havens on their side of the border, and it also needs Pakistan to be vigorous on their side of the border. And were prepared to support that. Nuland said in response to a question, As we support an Afghan-led effort to talk, the Pakistanis also have to be signalling to Taliban who may be reconcilable on their side of the border that they support talk within the Afghan redlines and that this is what its going to take, everybody pulling together, squeezing together and encouraging talk together. She said the US has been advocating supporting Afghan-led reconciliation within redlines for at least two years. I think the issue here is trying to help the Afghans and the Pakistanis be on the same page with regard to the parameters of talking at the same time that we are making sure that, as we talk about talking, that those who are not willing to reconcile know that the Afghans, with our support, are going to keep fighting them and that were pressing the Pakistanis to also squeeze them, Nuland said. This is an effort to ensure that Afghanistan and Pakistan are working in harmony; and theyre communicating well together; and that US support, whether its to Afghanistan or whether its to Pakistan, serves that goal of helping them to work together on both the fight side and the talk side .