LAHORE- In what seems to be a clear violation of Punjab Local Government Ordinance (PLGO), 2010, Punjab government has failed to announce a timeframe for holding local elections after the relevant provision in the said law giving legal cover to delay the polls for a year expired last month. In October last year, Punjab Assembly had approved an amendment in PLGO, 2010, making it mandatory for the Punjab govt to give a precise date for conducting Local Bodies elections. The cut off date expired last month, but the government neither announced the date nor made any recourse to the Assembly to seek further extension in this regard. According to legal experts, this amounts to violation of PLGO, as one of its clauses made it binding on the government to announce elections within one year of the law coming into force. Though Punjab Cabinet which met in the preceding month (October 13th) approved yet another amendment in PLGO, 2010 to delay the elections for another six months, but the same has not yet been placed before the Assembly, while the cut off date to announce a timeframe for elections expired last month. After the Cabinet meeting, a one-day session of Punjab Assembly was convened on Oppositions requisition, but the govt did not bother to table the amendment bill at that time, as Assemblys approval was necessary to continue with the status quo as far as holding of local elections is concerned. Legal experts believe that mere approval of the Cabinet of certain amendments in any Act of the Assembly or Ordinance was not enough to take force of the law, as all such decisions of the Cabinet have to be rectified by the Assembly concerned. Punjab Minister for Law, Rana Sanaullah was not available for his comment when this scribe contacted him on his cell phone. It merits mention here that Punjab govt had also committed violation of the said Ordinance last year when the legal cover for not holding the polls expired on August 23, 2010. The Law Minister had then maintained that no provision or clause of any law could become void if any of its provisions was not implemented due to some reason. He also did not concede at that time that government had committed any illegality by not announcing the date for elections within the stipulated period. It may be recalled that first amendment in the said Ordinance was made in February 2010 to delay the local polls for six months. It was amended again in October 2010 and elections were postponed for a year. Now, the government is required to amend the law for the third time through Punjab Assembly to give legal cover to its decision of not holding elections for another six months. It may be mentioned here that under the Constitution, Local Governments is a provincial subject, and in this way, provincial governments hold sway to take whatever decision they like about the fate of Local Bodies. Currently, all district governments in Punjab are working under direct control of provincial government through non-political heads, the administrators.