LAHORE Newly elected office bearers of the Supreme Court Bar Association (SCBA) have vowed to resist any attack on the independence of judiciary and to extend cooperation to any forum for the implementation of the decisions of the Superior Courts. They also committed not to le the bar become political tool in the hand of any power nor allow any outsider to dominate the bar affairs. The office bearers including Vice President Imrana Perveen Baloch, the Secretary Muhammad Aslam Zar, Members Executive Body Muhammad Amir Sohail, Rana Mushtaq Ahmad and Muhammad Asif Bhatti said so while speaking at the Aiwane Waqt here Wednesday. Aslam Zar said that solution to the social and economic problems facing the country lies in rule of law and independence of judiciary. He said the mode of rule of law, democratic process and protection to human rights may vary but no one can deny the importance of their enforcement in letter and spirit. As such, they must be protected under all circumstances. Zar expressed reservations over the National Judicial Policy in asmush as that through the Policy novice and inexperienced people in the legal profession have been made local commissions to record evidence which amounts to committing murder of the judicial system at the lower level. In his view the Policy has failed to deliver and its continuation would foster protracted litigations going through the generations. Imrana Baloch said that lawyers and politics are interrelated. The SCBA being the superior bar of the country is responsible for protecting rights of the people, uphold rule of law, and get the court decisions implemented if the political side falters on this count. She said in the lawyers movement almost every political party took part and group with the common objective to see the rule of law and independence of judiciary and her Group, Professional Group, strongly adheres to that motto. She said she would not let the bar become a tool in the hand of any political force nor would like it to become a mouthpiece of any political party. She said they would resist strongly if any political party tried to get its agenda carried through platform of the bar. She boldly said that anyone creating hurdles in the way of independent judiciary, would be resisted sternly and that the bar would also not allow anyone to influence the judicial verdicts or deny implementation of the decisions. She offered help for implementation of the Superior court decisions and said, whether the government likes or dislikes it will have to act upon the court decisions. She also called for affecting appointments to the vacant seats in the judiciary strictly on merit. To a question she said Yasin Azad has been elected President of an independent Bar and not as a candidate of any political party. Imrana also minded the allegations leveled by the outgoing President of the Bar on her Group. Muhammad Amir Sohail said that shortage of judges was adding to the problems of the litigant public in addition to piling up the pendency. He said every political party must practically adhere to the rule of law instead of making it mere a slogan to win the election. Muhammad Asif Bhatti said that if the government shirked acting upon the judicial verdicts as per the procedure set under the constitution, the bar would stand with the judiciary. Rana Mushtaq Ahmad called for accountability of every institution and said bar will require the government to hold every department accountable. He said bar and the bench are the two wheels of a chariot and their relationship must grow and strengthen.