This refers to the letter titled Fleecing the public published in your newspaper on 1st October 2011. An impression has been created that the participants in the Stability of Pakistan and Democracy rally of the MQM, held in Karachi on 30th October, were brought under threats and coercion. I strongly reject the allegation insinuated in the letter and deplore the projection given to it by appending a photo of the MQM Rally in a suggestive manner. The MQM is the third largest political party in the country, and it represents the wishes and aspirations of millions of people. The MQM has organised even bigger public meetings in the past and the allegation of forcing the people to attend the rally has never been brought against it. Mr Altaf Hussain, the founder and leader of the MQM, has always been praised by friends and foes alike for his charismatic leadership. People have been turning up in their multitudes to listen to their leaders ever since the formation of the MQM. The public rally of the MQM at the Tibet Centre in Karachi was a massive show of public support for the MQM. It was also described as magical and massive show in almost all national newspapers on the next day. We have been praised for our impeccable discipline and our capacity to organise big public meetings even at a very short notice. The rally at Tibet Centre was also held within a short period of 40 hours. People and the unknown writer should know that such hugely successfully display of public support cannot be achieved through coercion and threats. The allegation is simply preposterous. ENGR. NASIR JAMAL, Karachi, November 2.