OUR STAFF REPORTER RAHIM YAR KHAN - Local transporters have on their own increased fares and started fleecing passengers in district Rahim Yar Khan. No authorised price lists were being displayed in vehicles. The passengers are getting annoyed over paying inflated fares. In addition, the traffic police and other authorities concerned have been informed repeatedly of the act of transporters but they did nothing in this respect. On the other hand, the transporters were of the view that after sky-rocketing increase in petroleum products and three holidays of CNG stations in a week, they were forced to raise fares. They also said that the increase was on the basis of their high expenditures. According to sources, some traffic police officials are running transport business as sleeping partners. Thats why, the sources added, no action had so far been taken against the hike in transport fares. However, the commuters expressed the concern that there was no checks and balances system in the county and the every one was trying to loot whenever he go opportunity. They said that there was illegal increase in fares went unchecked and uncontrolled by the authorities. Rizwan Akhtar, Arshad Ahmed, Nadeem Khokhar and many other passengers complained that local transporters overloaded their coaches. They added that the transport personnel also misbehaved with them. Due to Pakistan Railways crisis, a large number of people are forced to travel by private transport. They blamed that traffic police were taking bribe from transporters. Thats why, the transporters were charging fares at their own.