ISLAMABAD (Online) - The US on Wednesday reiterated its commitment to support Pakistan in handling water-related problems. Pakistan is our valued partner and we will help it come out of troubles, said US Under Secretary for Global Affair Maria Otero while addressing the fourth Pak-US dialogue on water here. She said that the US would extend full support to capacity building of Pakistani professionals, improvement of irrigation system, water conservation as well as helping the country to overcome water scarcity. She said that US Secretary of States Hillary Clinton had also made commitment to help Pakistan in coping with such challenges. The US government was also addressing issues including climate, health, water and food security at global level, she added. The US official said that the dialogue would be focused on supporting Pakistans response to the water issue. Maria Otero said that about 2/3rd of world population would have to face water stress by 2025 so it was a very complex issue and pragmatic strategy has to devise to tackle it.