Last Mondad the three years completion of Asif Ali Zardaris presidential tenure in Pakistan. For President Zardari and his supporters this must be a day of celebration while for many others it may be to the contrary. In either case, it does not justify the national entities to advertise their expression of joy and felicitations to the President at the cost of taxpaying citizens of Pakistan. I saw at least six such distinct demonstrations covering about half a page each in leading newspapers. If these institutions care so much about the President then they should simply send a cake or a bouquet to Zardari and save the cost on such ridiculous expenses. I find it ironic that such steps are taken by these institutions due to their need to show their allegiance to the democratic ruler of the country while in the time of the 'dictator Musharraf such pretences did not exist. HAWRA POONAWALA, Karachi, November 2.