While Lahore was stage to two political rallies, which focused on corruption and thefederal government's failed economic, security and foreign policies, Karachi hosted a stage-managed show by three sitting coalition partners of a government, which has absolutely zero credibility. Imran Khan put up a massive show of force on 30 October by holding a huge public meeting at Lahore's famous Minar-e-Pakistan. It was one of the largest such public gathering that has ever been held not only in Pakistan, but at Lahore since 1988. Lahore has always spearheaded political changes in Pakistan and thevenue of Imran Khan's meeting was the same thatpassed1940 Pakistan Resolution. This public meeting was unique because it had a large component of youth and ladies, not just party activists, as compared toPML-N rally held on 28 October, which was dominated by party activists, supporters and traders. The stage of Imran Khan public meeting displayed the national flag and portraits of Quaid-e-Azam and Allama Iqbal along with a single photograph of Imran Khan. In sharp contrast to these two political meetings,the public gathering in Karachi was jointly held by a coalition of what is generally believed by mostto be an alliance of the corrupt, of target killers, of land grabbers, extortionists andopportunists, whose sole goal is to remain in power and harvest the gains for their insatiable greed of ill-gotten wealth. Change is not just in the air, but it is the demand of people of Pakistan. MIR.TASSADAQ, Lahore, November 1.